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Effect of sowing dates on growth and yield of radish cultivars in humid sub-tropical condition at Rampur, Chitwan.

An experiment was conducted at the Hoticulture Farm of the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Rampur, Chitwan from 9th September 2000 to 8th January 2001 to assess the effect of sowing dates on yield and quality of various cultivars of radish. The experiment was laid out in a factorial randomized complete block design (RCBD). Treatment combination included seven cultivars of radish, viz. 'Mino Early', 'Chalis Dine', 'Tokinasi', 'White Icicle', 'Sparklar White Tip', 'Cherry Belle', and 'Chinese-1' and three dates of sowing, viz. September 9, October 9, and November 8. The number of replication was four. Each individual plot which was 2.52 m2 in area (1.8x1.4m2) consisted of 84 plants spaced at 20 cm row to row and 15 cm plant to plant within each row. Resuts showed that the interaction effect of sowing dates and cultivars was significant for characters observed. Marked variations were observed among cultivars with respect to various plant attributes in each sowing date. Variations of leaf number from 7.3 to 21.68, leaf length from 12.3 to 33.3 cm, leaf width from 5.6 to 10.4 cm, fresh leaf weight from 7.2 to 147 g and leaf area from 131.3 to 1502.6 cm2 were observed. Accordingly, 'Chinese-1' produced higher leaf number, leaf length, and leaf area, while 'Cherry Belle' had the least one. Variation of root length from 3.7 to 22.8 cm, root diameter from 2.7 to 4.2 cm, and fresh root weight of 24 to 200 g were also observed. The variation of marketable root yield and leaf yield per hectare were 6.2 to 36.1 t and 2.0 to 42.6 t, respectively. Cultivar 'Chinese-1' produced 3.5 and 9.9 percent higher marketable root than 'Mino Early' in early and late sowing, respectively. 'Cherry Belle' produced the lowest marketable root yield but was more suitable for salad purpose. It became ready for harvest within short period (22 to 30 days) that also fetched higher price. These two cultivars could be suggested for expanding the production period.

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