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Human Resource Contribution

The institute has produced around 15000 agricultural graduates so far. The human resource developed from IAAS deserves academic excellence and competition among human resources developed within and outside the country. They are highly qualified both  in  theoretical  concepts  and  practical  knowledge  in  the  field  of  agriculture. The types and number of human resource developed by the institute so far is as follows: 
SN Type of human resources Number of human resource 
1 Social Mobilizers and Village Animal Health Workers 2600<
2 Non-academic JTAs in Agriculture and Animal Science 2000<
3 Academic JTAs in Agriculture 4000<
4 I.Sc.Ag. (I.Sc. Proficiency Certificate) 700<
5 B.Sc.Ag. Graduates 3961<
6 B.V.Sc. and A.H. Graduates 540<
7 Post-graduates (M.Sc./Ph.D.) 885<
  Total 14686<